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5A constant current source

5A constant current source

Non-isolated constant current and voltage regulator with non-synchronous rectification [1][2]

The current is measured on the minus output! See [*] in sketch below. So it is not possible to use a common ground on the secondary side for multiple regulators. The current path must be a single path from plus to minus on the secondary side.

|              |  
= -(regulate)--= ------
| +in     out- |      |
|              |      V  LED
| -in     out- |      |
=------[*]-----= -\ /--
|______________|  --- MOSFET
-- from Arduino ----             

Electrical Characteristics

Input voltage
Maximum output voltage
0.8V-30V (adjustable)
Maximum output current
0.1-5A (adjustable)
Conversion efficiency
up to 95%
Switching frequency
Output ripple
50mV (max)
Load Regulation
± 0.5%
Voltage Regulation
± 2.5%
Operating Temperature
-40C to +85C

Physical Characteristics

Size (L x W x H)
51mm x 26.3mm x 14mm