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We want to see how many Arduinos should we buy from here

The above campain has been aborted before the deadline because of a shortage of supplies after 15.000 orders had been placed. We can disucuss if we want to wait for another campain later this year or if we want to order from somewhere else.

The following table was intended for ordeing the kit from the indiegogo campain of BorderlessElectronics, but it may serve us now to start a new group-order. Fill in the table if you want to sponsor one for labaki or if you want one for yourself. The rest could be bought by labaki for use at workshops

Number of Arduinos For Who Paid by
2 Dimitris Dimitris
1 labaki Jann
1 Giannis Giannis
1 labaki Giannis
3 Spiros Panagiotakis Giannis
10 labaki labaki
1 labaki Elias Pap
3 friends Elias Pap
1 Elias Pap Elias Pap
1 labaki Stivaktakis
1 Stivaktakis Stivaktakis
1 labaki gkiagia
1 calliope gkiagia
1 labaki vervelak
1 luludak luludak
2 ghompis ghompis
31 Total