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τοlabάκι hackerspace - An open community for unusual innovation, learning and sharing
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Are you Hackers???

  • Myth: Cyber-criminal
    • From popular media, TV, Newspapers, etc.
  • History:
    • 1960's: MIT/TMRC Technology enthusiasts
      • Playful exploration of possibilities
    • 1970's: Home computer scene
      • Home-brew PC hardware
      • Video games


  • The term "Hacker" has been popularized by the media as someone who breaks into security systems to do damage and commit criminal actions. This is a mythology rather than a history of the term "Hacker".
  • There are some theories where the term really comes from, but the origins lie somewhere in the early days, when the first computers were accessible by non-scientists. In the 60's and 70's by the Students of the "MIT Model Railway Club" and later when the first computers could be found in private homes.

What's a Hacker?

  • Today:
    • Hardware: D.I.Y. / Home-brew / Open Hardware
    • Software: D.I.Y. / Open-Source Free Software
    • Security: White-hats "ethical" / Black-hats "crackers"


  • Today the communities of hackers are mostly interested in a kind of Do-It-Yourself way of understanding, changing and building things:
  • Firstly Hardware like electronics or machines. This can be for fun, as a proof-of-concept, as art or useful.
  • Software maybe to control the hardware they just built or changes, or to make something that's impossible with commercial software, or just for the learning process of it.
  • And Security and Privacy is also still a very popular subject in the hacker communities, because "Computers" are not only calculators, but information-processors. And as we say "Knowledge is Power" and these days "information" is digital gold. And more and more information about everybody is stored on-line. And that's both a chance and a challenge for people who try to find, report and eliminate security and privacy problems (usually called "white-hat or ethical hackers) as well as less noble individuals who try to break into systems for fun, damage or for personal profit (usually called black-hat or crackers).
  • At τοlabάκι we discourage Black-hat activities and encourage openness.

Example "Hacks"

  • Fun: Blinkenlights image video
  • Useful: 3D-printed door lock
    • Open Hardware (Arduino)
    • Free Software (Linux / Asterix)
    • Documentation (Wiki)


  • In collaboration with the "Haus des Lehrers", the Chaos Computer Club in Berlin has put a lamp behind every window of the building so people could send image or text messages to display on the building or play "pong" from their mobile phones.
  • Because we had only a small number of keys to our room at the university....

What's a Hackerspace?

  • Meeting place
  • ...


What's τοlabάκι?

  • Meet
    • Discuss
    • Fun
  • Share
    • PCs
    • Tools
    • Materials
    • Knowledge


Why τοlabάκι?

  • Inspire
    • Share ideas
    • ...
  • Enable
    • Educate
    • Provide tools / space


On the larger scale

  • Community collaboration
    • Human interaction
    • Dissemination of know-how
  • Decentralization
    • Empower the individual
    • Fault resilience
    • Independence from Big Corp.