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Difference between revisions of "Cryptography Workshop"

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== Part 1: "Email Privacy" ==
== Part 1: "Email Privacy" ==
Please leave '''feedback''' here: [[Talk:Cryptography Workshop]]
Please leave '''feedback''' here: [[Talk:Cryptography Workshop]]

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Part 1: "Email Privacy"[edit]

Please leave feedback here: Talk:Cryptography Workshop

Place Koukoutsi (to be confirmed)
Day Friday 25 May 2012
Time 20:00


A brief theoretical introduction - Bring coffee![edit]

  • What is cryptography? (And what is it NOT.)
  • Why use cryptography? (And when NOT to.)
  • What is "security".
  • How does OpenPGP protect my privacy?
  • What is a "Web of Trust"? (What is "Trust" NOT.)
  • Discussion?

Practical part - Bring your computers! (And optionally IDs.)[edit]

  • Install the software needed for email encryption.
  • Make our own cryptographic OpenPGP keys.
  • Make a personal backup copy of our PRIVATE keys.
  • Encrypt a file on our computer.
  • 'Securely' delete the original file.
  • Decrypt the file again.
  • Send "signed" e-mails.
  • Exchange our PUBLIC keys.
  • "Sign" each others keys.
  • Send encrypted e-mails.
  • Send and receive "signed" and encrypted e-mails.

LATE CLUB discussion: "Behind the scenes" - Bring beer?[edit]

  • Advantages of an OpenPGP smart card.
  • How does cryptography work. (Some math)
  • Which ciphers are used with OpenPGP.
  • Are these ciphers 'secure'?
  • more...???

Which software should I use?[edit]

You can use either GNU/Linux, Microsoft Windows, MacOS, or Android/Linux, all are possible. In this workshop I will focus mostly on GNU/Linux, because it is Free/Libre/Open-Source software and as such more secure.

But even if you want to use other software, you are welcome! OpenPGP is a patent-free and open standard and I believe, that we will find a way to use it on almost any computer!