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Άτομα: ~10
Ώρα έναρξης: 21:00
Διάρκεια: 3 ώρες
Τόπος: τοLABάκι

Participation in CommonsFest

Unfortunately τοLabάκι will not be able to participate in CommonsFest as a team this year, as the members won't have much free time to prepare for it and it will take place in Athens. Our past experience from the festival was awesome so this made us a bit sad :(


Some members are interested in buying t-shirts/hoodies with τοLabάκι's logo. An e-mail will be sent on the mailing list to organize the details, find the store we are placing the order and see who else is interested in getting one.

3D Printer status

PameLA was taken to CommonsLab in order to get repaired.

  • Some parts were broken and had to be reprinted by the CommonsLab's printer.
  • Some other adjustments were made so the Megatronics board could be screwed on the frame.
  • A bit of cable management magic was done.

Thank you z)! There's still some work to do and some of us were interested in helping to get PameLA in a working state in the near future :)

The wiki needs updating

Outdated articles, red links and untranslated pages are all over the wiki! There was an idea of throwing a wikithon. A small hackathon to demonstrate some of the wiki's features and how they work, and then apply this new knowledge to improve our wiki!

Business cards

The designs are there for anyone to download and we are free to start printing our own cards (with our own expenses of course). The designs are pretty much the same (and they all include a logo of τοLabάκι) so each person can decide which design to use or which kind of information to include. Ideally, when using them, the actions you take should be compatible with τοLabάκι's principles and philosophy. Please remember that τοLabάκι doesn't have an official representative. In many cases though, it's easier to have a single point of contact, which will serve just as an intermediate to contact the rest of the members. Transparency in Public Relations is fundamental. Of course it's ok to use this card even when not doing PR and you want to share your personal contact info a τοLabάκι member.

Contacting τοLabάκι

While the saloni mailing list is the means to contact τοLabάκι (and τοLabάκι is its members), it's not always convenient for someone to send an e-mail there. A more simple solution will be found, like an alias that points to saloni, but no technical details were discussed as the administration team is going to figure this out.

Reminder Monster

He/she/it will stop spamming the xestra mailing list and start spamming announce. If anyone wants to make any suggestions about the script (e.g. the text it sends) feel free to contact gin.

Recurring Tasks

  • Space Cleaning is not going well. In order to have a clean space to hack in it, it is very important to clean up your mess and encourage the others to do so. Everyone is responsible for keeping the lab clean.
  • Public Relations. Our social media sites aren't actively updated... Do the people responsible for them still have time to work on them? Can we find a way to distribute this responsibility? There were some suggestions about aggregation of user's profiles. Any other ideas? Upcoming e-mail on the mailing list.
  • Opening Hours. dzervas and gkaklas
  • Lets start using the TaskCards!

The meaning of "must"

ΤοLabάκι's principles include the word "must". Of course this doesn't mean that we can or should enforce these ideas on every member of τοLabάκι. This article defines the ideals of the hackerspace and the guidelines of our actions as a whole. One of the team's goals is to promote free software/open hardware and we believe that ideally, everything we produce in τοLabάκι's context should be free (as in freedom) for others to learn from it.