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MoM 03 Dec 2015

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MoM 03 Dec 2015

Άτομα: 5
Ώρα έναρξης: 22:00
Διάρκεια: 1 ώρα
Τόπος: τοLabακι

τοLabακι@center & bike kitchen[edit]

Damianos expressed his desire to start a Bike Kitchen in the city. This should be a big project under labaki, but practically labaki's location is inappropriate, and the space is not enough. But this is an opportunity to make the practical aspect of moving toLabaki to the center easier and colocate these two. The bike kitchen will cover some part of the rent and costs so it will be easier to kickstart tolabaki at the center. But still we need to attract people to both projects to make it more sustainable. Even if we had all the money in the world, going to rent a place, put some tools in it, is not enough. We need people to spend time on this, to run things, advertise, etc. Moving to the center is a big move and lately labaki is idle, so for starters lets see if we can revive labaki which eventually will lead to the move to the center.

Put life back into labaki[edit]

Currently labaki is mostly idle. This is sad and we want to revive it. (note by dan: It is important to see what went wrong but it was not discussed (add to next meeting agenda?)). We brainstormed about ways to get things running again and attract people. Two categories were identified. Actions for revival and organization inside labaki, and extrovert actions (cant express this in english, ενδοlabακιανες and εξωστρεφης δρασεις).

in-labaki actions & reorganization[edit]

The space is a mess, the team is disorganized, a filthy environment doesn't really inspire. Some ideas on how to fix that.

  • Hackday to put back some organization into labaki, brainstorm and figure out the ways to make this run in a sustainable manner. Procedures to keep it running, responsibly.
  • Clean-up & stuff reorganization day
  • Hackday for reorganization of wiki articles and translation
  • Inventory management, both in-space and online
  • Add essential missing tools. for example:

extrovert actions[edit]

  • workshops / lessons
    • entry level for the masses (attract people)
    • intermediate / advanced
  • participation in events
  • organize our own events in the CSD

Buy multimeter and fix or buy soldering iron[edit]

Zervas will buy a multimeter (15 euro) and either buy proper "nose/needle" for our soldering iron or buy a new one (10-15 euro) paid by the last money from the donation box.

Yearly server costs[edit]

We reserved 150 euro to pay for the yearly cost of the server.