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MoM 04 Oct 2017

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MoM 04 Oct 2017

Άτομα: 5
Ώρα έναρξης: 20:00
Διάρκεια: 2.5 ώρες
Τόπος: τοLABάκι

Welcoming event for Culture Center's groups[edit]

We will set up a booth to inform people, give leaflets

  • gkaklas will find/create flyers and probably an A3 poster
    • We will print them at the Culture Center's printer
  • Photos:
  • dzervas will find an impressive prototype Arduino project to show to people. Some personal projects he said he may bring:
    • A small LCD project he made for showing upcoming buses at a stop
    • A game controller (can't remember exactly what it was)
    • If these don't work out he will find another easy to build project (e.g. from examples)
  • We will need two computers:
    • Probably mammoth, for showing a slideshow
    • A laptop or a Raspberry Pi, for live interactive hacking with the Arduinos (easy stuff like changing the variable for the text of an LCD). Many of us have a Raspberry Pi lying around somewhere, so someone will bring it tomorrow and see if we can set it up (probably dzervas since his has better specs)

Moving to Culture Center[edit]

Zizania don't use their space in the Culture Center much, only for a meeting once in a while and such. The idea was that we could share the space.

  • Culture Center is accessible 24/7, so we can come on weekends!
  • We can use loud tools during the day (currently we are across classrooms and need to be quiet)
  • In general, we will have the opportunity to be more social as a group, work together with other groups
  • ToLabaki can be used as a lab by other groups too
    • Most groups once in a while need a place to come and fix stuff, use tools etc.
    • E.g. the radio station actively hacks stuff too and keeps tools around; no need to duplicate stuff and activity
  • We don't need to have a καταστατικό, create a legal entity or have officially responsible members (president, secretary etc)
    • We can if we want to, but we discussed that it is only really needed in specific situations which don't apply to us (e.g. owning property), so it isn't worth it
    • However, the Culture Center has a legal entity that can represent the groups if needed
  • gkiagia will talk to Ioanna from Student Center
  • Nikos will get Zizania to talk about it (have a meeting to finalize the decision if needed etc)
  • For now we will keep the place at CSD
    • We will move the tools and the stuff but keep a few things for when we hang out between classes
    • After a while, keeping it and using it regularly could kind of split the activity between the two spaces and we wouldn't want that
    • If we decide to leave completely from CSD we won't lose orionis
    • Keep in mind that in any case, what we do about the space in CSD also reflects on the person who has signed their name for it; they're legally responsible as far as the University is concerned