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Άτομα: ~9
Ώρα έναρξης: 22:15
Διάρκεια: 2 ώρες
Τόπος: τοLABάκι


Nothing new, but we should work on it.

Participation in Εν Οίκω

  • Scrap disassembly workshop (Sque)
  • Arduino workshop (ofilosofos)
  • Gina will call tomorrow to learn more about "χωριό πληροφορίας"

Recurring Tasks

System administration

  • Renewal of the certificate CAcert changed their algorithm to SHA512. Didn't renew it because LDAP doesn't support it.
  • Orionis is now online. Production VMs can be installed on it.
  • GitLab production installation for code.tolabaki.gr (on a new VM on orionis).
  • Internet proxy is now available for use in HWMN.
  • Network infrastructure New connections, we now have a direct connection with orionis and Gigabit under the tables -- we should also update the svg.
  • Network monitoring and debugging sque and gkiagia are setting up a software so we can easily debug networking problems.
  • Roundcube updated.

Space cleaning

  • Try to clean the space before leaving!
  • Electronics workbench: if you are working on a project and you have to go you can put the stuff you are working on in a box and write your name on it.


  • Call for crowdfunding on the mailing list??

Organize a VM workshop

  • Propably on Saturday 14/06.
  • More info to be announced on the mailing list and on the wiki.