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Meeting of November the 6th, 2014


1. Find a solution for the 3D-Printer

A member of ToLABaki has decided to donate money to buy aluminium parts (Author Comment: Highly doubtable). We are also considering the possibility of printing the parts and update them to the latest revision available. We are currently using the power supply from a computer since the one supplied by the vendor did not seem to be powerful enough. It has been decided to keep the existing power supply for now. Regarding the parts we have three possible options to 3D print them (3 printers) and then print them again on the working one for redundancy. It has been decided to attempt an upgrade with new plastics as long as the metal parts are compatible. If the new printer is working and with enough time, we can try repairing the old one to avoid future problems like this.

2. Discuss our options of the alarm on CSD

We are not currently aware of the situation and what changes will be implemented and what changes will be enforced. Our idea is to continue what we are doing and if the problem arises we can discuss further options or move legally and request the minimum amount required of RFID cards.

3. Discuss about ToLABaki presence in the freshmen welcome

Next Friday and Saturday there is a two day event at Foititiko Kentro from all the teams. We would like to have a 10 minute talk about what we are and a booth to exhibit our achievements. The main goal is to get freshmen interested and let them know what we are. Currently we *may* have a booth and *maybe* a presentation, but since there is a lot of available time in the schedule we can still join. There is also a slot on Saturday for a workshop but there is minimal possibility we can do it. The talk time is set for Friday 19:00. Ideally, we will try to organise a talk and have one or two members present it. The dudle for everyone to submit her/his availability is here: https://dudle.inf.tu-dresden.de/tolabakifreshmen/

4. Recurring Tasks

We have allocated 40€ to the resupply of our resources (Food and Drinks). We will also use the page Food&Drink to suggest companies/supermarkets/products and provide feedback on our purchases. There is also a list of pretty much what needs to be purchased on each refill to make the recurring task easier to complete.

5. Create an item inventory

It has been discussed to create a Wiki Page and/or category that includes every item available for giveaway. Users may post available hardware and people can get them for free. Additionally a user can create a new Wiki page and link the entry in the table to the page so people can see more information about the item. The possibility of selling items has been discussed but there is a general preference to giveaways. We will also have a pinboard that people can pin ads in paper form for visitors to see. The page is live here and has the name Giveaways.