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MoM 5 Dec 2013

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MoM 5 Dec 2013

Άτομα: ~10
Ώρα έναρξης:22:00
Διάρκεια:4 ώρες
Τόπος: LABάκι

  • Opening Hours: Lukas + Gina Tuesdays of December (until start of holidays) 11-13.00. Nobody wants to take the role of permanent organizer. Damnianos will buy the LED matrices for the sign. Until then we will report the hours on the window.
  • Servers: Different machine, have to migrate services. Many people joined to help. Will try out puppet but if the learning curve is steep it will be abandoned and done manually.. Migration must be done in the next 3 days.
  • Sound speakers: Need to buy cables (Lukas will).
  • Public services (Από το κείμενο):
    • Afairoume to revoking access, vazoume problems-resultion
    • Epitrepoume ksena domains
    • Gia to virtal hosting tha yparxei aitisi pou mporei na symplirwsei kai tha leei ti thelei. Den xreiazetai eggrisi synelefsis. Tha kanonizetai ena rantevous me online i local meeting me enan admin.
    • Ftiaxnoume to wiki kai vazoume to keimeno kai sinexizoume to editing afou pleon to exoume sizitisei.
    • To email service paramenei fof
    • Ta provlimata tha lynontai apo tin sinelefsi tou labakiou

  • Task - person mapping. Rotations per semester.
    • Task list write status down.

praktika, PR, list moderation, kathariotita, opening hours... (Damnianos starts wiki page)

  • Wiki organization
    • Kanoume tabs me katigories (uncategorized, incomplete, outdated)
    • Page: Wiki Guidelines, na kanoume ena page (me template orphan) pou tha grafoume pws theloume na einai organwmeno (Foivos starts page)
    • Donation page
  • Money money money. Money we have now will be given for server leasing. Need

funding. (donations on wiki - T-shirts, what else?)