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MoM 5 May 2014

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MoM 5 May 2014

Άτομα: ~10
Ώρα έναρξης: 22:00
Διάρκεια: 2 ώρες
Τόπος: LABάκι

Recap of τοLABάκι's participation in CommonsFest

  • gkiagia workshop
    • why privacy matters -- present the philosophy
    • cryptocat and OTR
  • looselyrigorous android root/rom workshop
    • introduction to rooting
    • small talk 15 min max
    • hands-on -- demonstration
  • RepRap building
    • zeptomoon's raspberrypi with a screen -- video playback displaying a rep rap in use (zeptomoon, gkaklas)
    • printed info about reprap (jasoniswise, n0b0d1)


DanMilon will contact metrographics to get a god deal.

τοLABάκι CommonsFest talk

zeptomoon will write a draft and we will try to finish it collaboratively.

Recurring Tasks

Public Relations

  • τοLABάκι business cards
    • design (panos)
    • A template for members to use when presenting themselves as τοLABάκι members
  • CommonsFest PR
    • Write article about the festival on facebook, blog etc. (propably gkiagia's reblog)
  • Facebook (gkiagia, jasoniswise)

System administration

  • Update web servers
  • Issue new certificate (cacert)
  • gitlab vs github

Space cleaning and management

gkaklas, n0b0d1

Opening Hours

gkaklas -- schedule to be announced