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MoM 7 Nov 2013

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MoM 7 Nov 2013

Ώρα έναρξης 
 ? ώρες

Opening hours

No opening hours set. The third wednesday of the month remains our official hackday

Official affiliation with the UoC

We should rewrite the relationship to the University related info on our wiki. State that we are a part of the student culture center or sth.

Distribution of esponsibility

The place is officially the responsibility of one member of the group. Can we do something to change this? Do we mind? (gin must call Ioanna and ask about the possibility collective responsibility, we should find first years for the difficult task of signing their names on a form.)

Festival of the cultural groups of the UoC

Nov 22,23 I think.

Proposed actions:

Show Terms And Conditions

Subtitles have been translated partly.

Anonymity workshop

Ideas are to be [shared on the wiki | Anonymity Workshop], collaborate until the last moment when someone needs to step in and present it.

HackAttack workshop

Arduinos are too banal, we need to shift gears.. Lets make a workshop about whatever anyone wants to create. Someone has to contact culture groups and tell them to rake their brains and have ideas of things they'd like to try and fix/create/hack. Olympia said something that sounded good but what???

First-years welcome thingy

There should be a welcome event to the csd ones on some date this month. Do we want to do something about it, especially since it'll be next door? Or is the culture fest enough?

Tuesday is interview-the-hacker day

Who else wants to go? Any interest in having a mini-hack afternoon so that pressure is put off the 3-4 major players and we show something creative live (doorlock/speakers/multitouch/..)? Or is a potential crowd (haha) dysfunctional?

New place in town

There might be another opportunity to have a place downtown. Redirect to last time we talked about moving to the center, loop, force quit whatever..


Money passed from gKiagia to Maria.

Door lock

date set


  • work on workshops (contact groups, post ideas)