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Moving to new CSD building

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Moving to new CSD building

Place: New CSD Building
When: Feb - March 2013

Because of the ongoing Commons Fest organization, LABaki movement must not interrupt it. First we will try to sort out things, move some needed things so that people can actually sit in new place. And by the moment we have sorted out the major problems we will try to move everything in 1-2 days.


  • VerveVan: Available every working day
  • GGVan: Available at weekends
  • Official transportation service: Unknown time yet


Task Assigned to Status Comments
Research and investigate how to connect to HWMN gkiagia WIP request sent to sysadms, it is under investigation
Find out a solution to access space on weekends Savas,sque Blocked Possible entrance kylikeio. Guards can unlock after presidents request. P.Trah. said to wait a bit of time so that things can roll.

Savas will ask a known guard for unofficial access to the facilites.

Find a way to electronic door lock jann not started Ask keyring guys if they can fix a new lock like the previous one
Deploy a local network in the laboratory many WIP One idea is hanging cables. A router must be prepared, and find a place for servers.
Update wiki to point to new facilities sque WIP
Contact admins to give us internet/network access at new place gkiagia DONE request sent, and acked, waiting for implementation
Find out a solution for a whiteboard sque DONE Can always take the old one, broken. Speak to R.Kalaitzaki and take one of them that we moved.
Update flyer to point to new facilities kalia DONE
Map new place in digital format (3D/CAD) sque DONE The place has been mapped, and a lot of furniture
Gather chairs and maybe other useful stuff many DONE 14/3 along side with the movement.
Move the square table and chairs to new place many DONE Moved more than that!
Clean walls from the dust sque,kelly,olympia DONE Left a bit on the top of walls
Move the electronics working bench and the rest of needed stuff. many DONE Done at 14/3
Fix door lock and distribute some keys jann DONE Keys already distributed.