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Date and time of next meeting
Friday Apr 27 2018 - 19:10

You can add any subject you would like to talk about on the meeting in this list. In every entry you make, please append your signature using 3 tildes (~~~)


  • Needed and financial
  • Letter to greek hackerspaces gkaklas (talk)
  • Mailing lists: announce, saloni gkaklas (talk)
  • About welcoming new members gkaklas (talk)
  • Inform people on how to inform people about τοLabάκι. Currently when someone asks about τοLabάκι's philosophy someone answers something and the other answers something else. The group itself has its own Principles, it must be clear to the guest which presented principles are τοLabάκι's and which are of the members' (if they differ). gkaklas (talk)
  • Φτιάξιμο του χώρου στο CSD gkaklas (talk)
  • Old hardware policy gkaklas (talk)
  • schedule meetings gkiagia (talk)