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There are multiple recurring tasks which are critical for τοLabακι's operation. These tasks need to be shared by multiple people so that others can get the job done if one person is unavailable. This way we also all learn many different kinds of expertise. Plus, it's fun to accomplish a task with other people.

  • At any time each task needs to be assigned to more than one person. The number of people that are assigned to a specific task depends on the task. Most tasks will be okay with two or three people assigned to it.
  • Assigned people need to be rotated frequently. Something between one and six months seem like a good time to hold on to a task, but this can vary greatly depending on the task.
| [[TASK_NAME]] 
| [[User:_ASSIGNEE_1|]], [[User:_ASSIGNEE_2|]] (since when) 

List of recurring tasks

Task Assigned Past knowledge
Relations Dimitris (May 2013 MoM), another ???
MoM Writing ???, ??? Danmilon, Gina
System Administration Gkiagia, Sque, akatopo, Ververlak, Zakkak, muchtaris Gkiagia, Sque
List Moderation Zeptomoon, Danmilon,Gkiagia Gkiagia
Space Cleaning ???, ???
Food&Drink Zeptomoon, akatopo Zeptomoon
Opening Hours Loukas, Gina
RepRap Maintenance Zeptomoon, Sque