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Services migration

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Services migration

The final goal is to set up every service from scratch so we can use modern tools and methods of deploying (e.g. containers), clean up old content, replace poorly maintained projects etc. This page is used to keep track of the migration to the new way of deploying τοLabάκι services.

You will find the scripts and configurations files we use on our git repository

Service Will migrate Status Who Comment
DNS yes Done We now host it on the VPS instead on the VM
Wiki yes Stalled gkaklas Dockerfile
GOsa replaced Ugly, unmaintained
OpenLDAP yes Working PoC, stalled looselyrigorous
Keycloak new Working PoC, stalled looselyrigorous Authentication server. We'll try to use it where possible but we'll also have LDAP for everything else
Mail yes Still researching gkiagia, looselyrigorous
Mailman yes There are docker images for mailman so we'll keep using it
Nextcloud yes
Wordpress backed up Not sure if we'll keep a blog and if it will be wordpress
Roundcube probably replaced We intend to use RainLoop instead.
Hosted  ??? Hosted websites for other teams (e.g. zizania, csa). Most are deprecated and we need to look into it before migrating each of them.