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Difference between revisions of "SpaceTime Helix"

Difference between revisions of "SpaceTime Helix"

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The SpaceTime Helix is a kinetic light sculpture created by artist Michela Pelusio.


The labaki hackerspace is helping the artist in open sourcing it by understanding how it works and documenting it, creating better user experiences by improving the artist's user interaction with the sculpture, and improving the electronics by using Arduino to control the speed and lights (brightness, colors & strobe). Finally researching into new ways that the artist and the spectactors could interact with the sculpture.

The purpose is to have an analytical list of materials in order for everyone to be able to reproduce 3 different sizes of the Space Time Helix. A small desktop version of up to 1m height. A medium living-room version of up to 3m height A large performance version of up to 15+ m height.



  • Brushless motor
  • Natural rubber string
  • LED lights
  • Arduino
  • Raspberry Pi
  • ball bearing
  • Controls (knobs)

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