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Students Festival Oct 2012

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Students Festival Oct 2012

Place: Foititiko Kentro
When: 31 Oct 2012 | 12pm ... till night


  • Brochure: Update with real photos from things that have been made.
  • Rep Rap: Have a reprap ready to show. Michalis may brings his own too.
  • Photos: Upload new photos to idea:/storage, prepare a slideshow of interesting pictures and possibly convert them to an album for photos.tolabaki.gr as well.


Task Assigned to Status Comments
Construct the Rep Rap zeptomoon / sque (?) WIP Remaining tasks: X, Z axis / extruder / controller / alignment / testing
Sort out photos gkiagia / gina Done photos.tolabaki.gr not updated yet
Update the brochure zeptomoon WIP(by sque)
Translate the brochure to greek sque Finished
Prepare/print stickers magstina Unknown
Prepare a computer for slideshow at the booth gkiagia Not started