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Talk:Buying Arduinos

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Talk:Buying Arduinos

How many boards shall we order?[edit]

I saw that we have already 16 Arduinos paid by individuals. Of those 16 there are 7 boards for τοlabάκι and 9 for other persons. So, if we order 20 boards, then we would end up with about 10 boards for tolabaki. 10 boards would be fine for the workshops, but then we could not sell any boards to the audience. I think it is a good idea to order more to give them to the audience. Georgos suggested that we could even buy 50 boards for about 375€, of which 255€ would be paid by τοlabάκι and 120€ by the individuals for the 16 boards on the wiki. This would mean about 40 boards for τοlabάκι and about 10 boards for individuals. I believe that the guests at the workshops would want the 40 boards very quickly! And it would be a great opportunity for the guests to donate back to τοlabάκι also. (For example we could have the board+kit+extras for 10€. And then an extended "Thank-You-Sponsor Edition" with some cool stuff like a 3D-printed box and more components for 20€...just an idea...) zeptomoon (talk) 22:30, 5 August 2013 (EEST)