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Ideas for the event

  • booth
  • flyers
    • HFDay
    • τοlabάκι
    • wikipedia (we have a lot)
  • poster
  • movie
  • TED talks on Open-Source, DRM, etc.

Application for LulzBot

We are thinking to apply for a LulzBot TAZ 3D Printer

"What would your hackerspace do with a 3D printer?"

  • Print parts for the RepRap Prusa i3
  • Print parts for a CNC router (to eventually build a wiki house)
  • Print parts for τοlabάκι (e.g. door-lock)
  • Print cases for various Arduino/RaspberryPi-based projects (eg. ICARUS)
  • Print custom parts for the SpaceTime Helix
  • Print labels, spoons, tools, gears and other "everyday" useful things to showcase
  • Display the 3D printer(s) at the CommonsFest 2014 exhibition
  • Print parts for a quadcopter and/or a model air plane (e.g. ICARUS)
  • Print feeder/case for a feeder-adapter to fit a RaspberryPi/ArduinoYún/Draguino into a satellite dish as low-cost OpenWRT WiFi node for HWMN
  • Print a pitch/roll/yaw adjustable laser mount for the multi-touch table
  • Printing parts for the local CanSat school project.

"Contributions to Libre/Free/Open Source hardware and software"

Hint:Provide documentation to any projects your hackerspace or hackerspace members have contributed to Libre/Free/Open Source hardware and software. Links to git repositories, wiki pages, or photo documentation are examples of acceptable documentation.

"Extra info"

Hint:Please add any extra info about your hacker space that you think makes your group or facility stand out.

  • At τοlabάκι we have successfully built a RepRap Prusa from scratch.
  • We have co-organized the first CommonsFest in 2013 and will be present at CF2014.
  • We frequently organize free workshops. (E.g. git, Blender, vim/emacs, cryptography, Arduino, C++, NodeJS, PHP, ...)
  • We are heavily involved in the Heraklion Metropolitan Wireless Network (HWMN).
  • We have achieved all of the above in only 30 months that τοlabάκι Hackerspace exists.