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Ideas for the event

  • booth
  • flyers
    • HFDay
    • τοlabάκι
    • wikipedia (we have a lot)
  • poster
  • movie
  • TED talks on Open-Source, DRM, etc.

Application for LulzBot

We are thinking to apply for a LulzBot TAZ 3D Printer

"What would your hackerspace do with a 3D printer?"

Of course there are many, many things that we would use the LulzBot TAZ for. Personally I find the following two projects most intriguing:

  • We are planning to build a Free Software, Open Hardware WiFi node for the Heraklion Wireless Metropolitan Network. It will fit in place instead of an LNB of a satellite dish. The case and feed horn will be 3D printed to optimize the microwave emission and to match exactly the standard dimensions of LNB receivers. The design will hold the antenna, a RaspberryPi+USB-WiFi-dongle or alternatively an Arduino Yún or a Draguino, which will run a customized version of OpenWRT. The entire set will be powered through the ethernet cable (POE). This way it is possible to run custom software on a low-budget, high-gain, long-distance, easy-to-use WiFi router, that should be able to bridge links up to 20km and more.
  • We plan to build an autonomous model aeroplane (or hexacopter) which will fly in autopilot mode. The chassis of the aeroplane/hexacopter could be 3D printed, which would give us the freedom to make a good aerodynamic design and accommodate a RaspberryPi (+NoIR camera), a (directional) WiFi antenna and an Arduino (+sensors, accelero/gyro/magneto/baro/etc.) into the chassis. These will serve as command centre with data acquisition, as communication link, and as autopilot, respectively.

Other than that, we plan to use the 3D printer for the following purposes:

  • Print a pitch/roll/yaw adjustable laser mount for the multi-touch table


  • Display the 3D printer(s) at the CommonsFest 2014 exhibition


  • Print parts for the local CanSat school project.


  • Print parts for a CNC router

(In order to eventually build a http://www.wikihouse.cc/ element. - Funding will be a problem here...)

  • Print parts for τοlabάκι

(e.g. https://wiki.tolabaki.gr/w/DoorLock_v2.0)

  • Print cases for various other Arduino/RaspberryPi-based projects

(e.g. https://wiki.tolabaki.gr/w/SpaceTime_Helix)

  • Print labels, spoons, tools, gears and other "everyday" useful things to showcase
  • Print parts to build a RepRap Prusa i3 (probably box-style)

"Contributions to Libre/Free/Open Source hardware and software"

Hint:Provide documentation to any projects your hackerspace or hackerspace members have contributed to Libre/Free/Open Source hardware and software. Links to git repositories, wiki pages, or photo documentation are examples of acceptable documentation.

Except for the projects mentioned above we have done the following:

  • LabStrap, a customized theme for MediaWiki, based on Bootstrap. (RoundCube and Wordpress are left to do..)


  • Network SpeedTest Suite for the HWMN (or any other network)


  • Wireless Node Database (WiND)

https://github.com/wind-project/wind (Partly: Update to use OpenLayers/OpenStreetMaps + facelift)

Some members' GitHub:

"Extra info"

Hint:Please add any extra info about your hacker space that you think makes your group or facility stand out.

  • We have some experience with 3D printing. At τοlabάκι we have successfully built a RepRap Prusa from scratch. This might be a reason why we don't need a LulzBot TAZ as urgently as others. But the Prusa i2 has some problems and we believe that the LulzBot TAZ will show us how to improve accuracy and reliability. And it will sure be used...a lot.

http://blog.tolabaki.gr/2012/repraps-first-steps/ http://blog.tolabaki.gr/2013/reprap-is-ready/ http://wiki.tolabaki.gr/w/RepRap_Prusa_Mendel_iteration_2

  • We have co-organized the first CommonsFest in 2013 and will be present at CommonsFest 2014.


  • We frequently organize free workshops. (E.g. git, Blender, vim/emacs, cryptography, Arduino, C++, NodeJS, PHP, ...)


  • We are heavily involved in the Heraklion Metropolitan Wireless Network (HWMN).

http://wiki.hwmn.org/ http://wind.hwmn.org/?page=nodes&node=109

  • We have achieved all of the above in only 30 months that τοlabάκι Hackerspace exists.