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Talk:HWMN Hackathon Sept 2013

Revision as of 20:45, 12 September 2013 by Zeptomoon (Talk | contribs)

Talk:HWMN Hackathon Sept 2013

Sector at Rogdia? Or Gouchtas?

A question is whether we want to replace the two NanoBridgeM5 antennas at Rogdia that look towards the city with a sectoral antenna instead. The most narrow sector I could find has a beam width of 60°. This is much more than we need to cover all of Heraklion. I measured it and the angles:

  • 15° cover the main city (Koule - Sinani Sq.)
  • 20° cover the wider city area (incl. Fortetza & Knossos)
  • 40° cover the entire metropolitan area (incl. Ferries, Gazi, UoC/ITE, CaptJoe, Marathitis, Giouchtas)
  • 60° is much more than we need, but I can't find a narrower sector.
  1. More people (maybe up to 10) can connect without much problem. Only one NanoBridgeM5 is necessary for a new link instead of two.
  2. Only one channel is used so the other channels are free for point-to-point links or other antennas at Rogdia.
  1. All the clients have to share the same channel, so they have to share the bandwidth/speed. - This is only a problem, if many people upload/download big data at the same time.
  2. The entire area of Gazi/Heraklion will be covered with some amount of 5GHz wi-fi noise. - This is only a problem for people trying to connect to another 5GHz wi-fi antenna which is in the same direction as Rogdia (eg. txz towards alkis) and also on the same channel. I guess that's very unlikely, unless there are already another five sector antennas from other companies at Rogdia... :P
  3. The connection is a little bit weaker compared to two NanoBridgeM5 on both sides of a point-to-point link. - Still I think the connections will be very good since now they are excellent. Plus this might encourage people to find other links so that not everybody will connect to Rogdia.. ;)

The problem is, that the whole set (2x2 MIMO antenna plus RocketM5) seem to cost about 300€, which is about as much as four antennas. If we reuse the antennas that we have up at Rogdia then we get two antennas back, so the added cost would be somewhere around 150€. Your comments? zeptomoon (talk) 21:41, 12 September 2013 (EEST)


I am not sure what we have spare and what we have to order. I believe, that we have to order until tomorrow in order to get it before the Hackathon. I know we have almost no cable. We can get the same again, I think it was nice. What about antennas? I have two BulletM5's with a grid antenna for each of them. So maybe just add to the list whatever you can spare at the moment and add your name. And check also what you think we need to buy.

What we have spare

  • 2x BulletM5 - zeptomoon (talk)
  • 2x Aluminium cast grid antenna - zeptomoon (talk)
  • some satellite dishes & feeders & miniPCI radios - tolabaki
  • 1x Omni-directional antenna - tolabaki
  • Some NanoBridgeM5 anyone?

What we need to buy

  • Outdoor cable (Shielded Cat5e)
  • What else?
  • Sector? RocketM5?