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This is to help us gather material that may be of interest for anyone wishing to prepare an Anonymity workshop.

A very good collection of articles and tips can be found on the EFF website on Surveillance Self-Defense

Title: Similar workshops at the hackerspace.gr where called "Freedom of Speech"


Browser plug-ins[edit]

Special browsers[edit]

Presentation ideas[edit]

Typical misconceptions[edit]

  • "I have nothing to hide."
  • "It's only against the bad guys."
  • "If I have to see advertisements then I prefer to see those which are relevant to me."
  • "Only anonymous, statistical information is collected, and not personally identifying information."

Why use duckduckgo?[edit]

When only TOR is not enough[edit]

  • When logged in to facebook/google/yahoo/youtube (basically if you identify yourself anywhere, especially without HTTPS)
  • Fingerprinting when cookies or javascript are not disabled.

A good solution is the Tor Browser Bundle or the Tails life-CD. Otherwise a very careful browser configuration is necessary, i.e. no javascript, no cookies, disable certain plug-ins, etc.. All those can identify your PC uniquely, you don't even need to log-in. Still the user has to be careful to log-in only with HTTPS and only to trusted servers, e.g. tolabaki.gr - not to facebook / Google / yahoo! / MS live.com / Bing / Flicker / Skype / etc. Otherwise these companies will possibly (probably) watch, track, follow and profile the user again.

Encrypted communication[edit]