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Some info regarding the CMoy amplifier can be found here.

Required Items[edit]

After a lot of head-scratching, I think RS is our best option (weird for me to say that). We can be sure of quality parts and quick delivery time. Also the important parts (op-amp, potentiometer) have a similar price at other sites (where we have the disadvantage of not having everything in in one order) and a much lower price with a very high risk of fakes and loooong shipping times. We will also need (but can source locally): potentiometer knob (optional but nice), input jacks (atomo (or Jan :) )), on-off switches (I think I have some of the correct size), batterry snaps, LEDs. These will not elevate total cost significantly (no more than 2-3 EUR probably) All in all (quick calculation for ordering parts for 5 amplifiers) it should come to ~25EUR per amplifier (~30 if all 5 enclosures are the more expensive ones). You could argue that the OP-amp is expensive (it is; RS mark up their prices, but we can be sure the part is genuine) and that we could make do with a TL072 or NE5532 BUT these parts have a higher chance of oscillating with this circuit. ALSO, browsing for enclosures at RS-conponents was a PITA but I think I went through most of the viable ones. I can show you the space requirements at the meeting if you want to snoop around yourself... If you want, look around and shoot me an email if you have alternatives. Anyone interested please try to come to the meeting Thu 2/12/2015


Item # of items per amp Cost/item (w/o V.A.T.) RS order code
Texas Instruments OPA2132PA Dual Op Amp 1 8,13 218-8281
220μF 35 V dc Aluminium Electrolytic Capacitor 2 0.39 315-0726 order multiple of 5
Metal Film Resistor 10kΩ ±1% 0.6W ±50ppm/°C 2 0.05 148-736 order multiple of 10
Metal Film Resistor 4.7kΩ ±1% 0.6W ±50ppm/°C 2 0.05 148-663 order multiple of 10
Metal Film Resistor 100kΩ ±1% 0.6W ±50ppm/°C 2 0.05 148-972 order multiple of 10
Metal Film Resistor 1kΩ ±1% 0.6W ±50ppm/°C 2 0.03 148-506 order multiple of 10
Through Hole Turned pin Open Frame IC Dip Socket, 5A 1 0.34 813-115 order multiple of 5 optional but highly recomended for begginers. high quality
Alps Potentiometer RK097 Series with a 6 mm Dia. Shaft 10kΩ ±20% 0.05W, Logarithmic, Panel Mount (Through Hole) 1 1.98 729-3502 good quality and small size
1591 ABS Enclosure, IP54, 112 x 62 x 31mm 1 6.28 493-5988 I think this is the best option either this
1594 ABS Enclosure, IP54, Shielded, 106.5 x 66 x 45.4mm 1 12,55 528-6978 I think second best option (debatable because more expensive) or this
1591 ABS Enclosure, IP54, 113.82 x 63.32 x 28.25mm 1 4.87 818-0482 or this