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Email hosting is provided for "tolabaki.gr" domain. All registered users own an email of the %u@tolabaki.gr format.

Thunderbird/Other clients[edit]

To add tolabaki.gr at your favorite client, create a new mail account and add the following settings.


  • host: imap.tolabaki.gr
  • port: 993
  • encryption: SSL
  • authentication: NORMAL


  • host: smtp.tolabaki.gr
  • port: 25 or 587
  • encryption: STARTTLS
  • authentication: NORMAL


If you don't have access at an imap client, you can manage your mails using the web interface. https://mail.tolabaki.gr


Our email server supports sieve for filtering.

First create your filter file locally (this is just an example file here):

$ cat myfilter.sieve 
require ["fileinto", "envelope", "subaddress"];

# match mailman's admin emails and put them in their own folder
if header :contains ["X-List-Administrivia"] ["yes"] {
  fileinto "list-notifications";

# put email destined to user+github@tolabaki.gr in its own folder
if envelope :matches :detail "to" "github" {
  fileinto "github";

# distribute mail destined to mailing lists in folders for each mailing list
if header :matches "List-Id" "*<saloni.tolabaki.gr>" {
  fileinto "saloni";
if header :matches "List-Id" "*<xestra.tolabaki.gr>" {
  fileinto "xestra";
if header :matches "List-Id" "*<commonsfest.tolabaki.gr>" {
  fileinto "commonsfest";

You can upload a new filter using the command:

$ sieve-connect --noclearauth -s mail.tolabaki.gr -u <your username> --upload --localsieve myfilter.sieve

You can upload a filter as many times as you want, it will always overwrite the previous version. You can also upload multiple filters, but only one of them can be active at a time. After you are done uploading, you need to activate the desired filter by using the command:

$ sieve-connect --noclearauth -s mail.tolabaki.gr -u <your username> --activate --localsieve myfilter.sieve

In order to list the available filters on the server and verify what you have done, you can run:

$ sieve-connect --noclearauth -s mail.tolabaki.gr -u <your username> --list

If you want to download one of the filters, you can use:

$ sieve-connect --noclearauth -s mail.tolabaki.gr -u <your username> --download --localsieve myfilter.sieve
  • Note on SSL: If you don't have CACert's root and class3 certificates installed and you don't want to do so, you can use the --nosslverify option in sieve-connect to bypass the errors. It is recommended though that you install the certificates instead. See Authentication#Install_CACert_root_certificate

Our mail server uses dovecot/pigeonhole for the sieve filters. You can find more information and resources about this software here (including more examples, what are the implemented/supported commands, etc...)

Please note that spam filtering is implemented globally for all users. There is no need to add rules for spam in your filters.