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Here's a quick guide how to maintain the food and drink supply at τοlabάκι. If you would like to help with this task leave a message on the Talk: page.


Get some low cost items (prefferably <=0.5€/piece) from supermarket. Usually spend at most 20€ for a full restock. Get a receipt and leave it above the refrigirator, and if you want scan it and post it here. Some 'common' supplies are:

  • Juice
  • Cola
  • Croissants
  • Chips

Reference Prices[edit]

Here is a list of some reference prices. We can use this as a guide when shopping, to adjust the recommended donation amount, or just to check the minimum amount we should donate when using something. Tip: ideally, the price you should pay at the store is close to the prices below. However, you have some wiggle room, up to the recommended donation amount (maybe a rule of thumb for the maximum price could be 5-10% less than the recommended donation amount?).

Product Price Rec. Donation
Cheap brands
Croissant €0.32 €0.50
Lemonade 1.5l €0.80 €1.00
Cola 1.5l €0.65 €1.00
Cola 330ml €0.30 €0.50
Potato chips (large) €1.20 €1.50
Juice Box €0.33 €0.50
Mini chocolates €0.18 €0.20
Popular brands
Placeholder free a gazillion

Recommended Donation[edit]

The recommended donation amounts ideally and practically are a bit higher than the cost; this is in order to cover:

  • generic expenses such as paper towel and water (you can't ask someone to donate when drinking a sip of water or using a paper towel :P)
  • price instability: discounts aren't always available; setting the recommended donation a bit higher keeps us from changing it all the time
  • UX: it isn't very user friendly for someone to donate exactly €0.18 for a mini chocolate
  • snacks for first time guests: we want our guests/potential members to feel welcome; asking to donate for eating a chocolate doesn't help with that ;)
  • the server and other similar expenses, of course ;).


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