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Καταστατικό συλλόγου[edit]

Quick review of the current status.

Organizing a Free & Open Software/Hardware/Knowledge/DIY festival/info-day[edit]

Presented the idea for an event promoting and showcasing open source software/hardware projects and of course the labaki as a community team. For more you can follow the organizing team's wiki here

Ενημέρωση για events. Κανένας δεν πήρε μαιλ για το Φεστιβάλ[edit]

Filling of the fridge? / Suggested "prices" ?[edit]

Desided and done [1]

Social network site[edit]

Suggestion for running an online service to help communities all over Heraklion communicate and coordinate ideas and projects. Test case site

Marketing - advertise the lab / become more friendly to newcomers / lab hours schedule?[edit]

Facebook, twitter accounts We need to set a day/time for at least someone to be in the lab...