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Άτομα: 13
Ώρα έναρξης: 22:05
Διάρκεια: 3.30 ώρες
Τόπος: labάκι


It's in the CPU room, up and running.

  • Admins: initially vervelak, gkiagia. They will try to find out how to do it and then grab new people to teach.
  • What to do with the VMs. Suggestions (gkiagia) 1. run hwmn.org (wiki, wind, dns server). 2. PXE. 3. Virtual playground
  • New RAM (6GB)? Let's see how much we need and if we run short, buy more.
  • To do (admins): try to document on wiki. Put people who want to play with VM on the wiki.

General comment: We should try to have the same distributions, package managers etc. for all our servers.

Access to τοlabάκι[edit]

  • RFID cards: Someone should ask for one from the president, in the name of labaki. Post-grads of CSD should also ask for one each.
  • Automatic door lock has been frozen.


Begining of April.

  • show Terms and conditions? (gina,dan)
  • zeptomoon, gkiagia want to go and have a booth for Q&A. (gkiagia,zeptomoon)


We want labάκι to participate. Ideas on what to do: discussion on using open technology (mickflemm), show TAC.. No volunteers for now.

Server Money[edit]

We have it! Will be settled asap (gina).

Door sign[edit]

We will order 3-5 RGBs and experiment (dan).