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People present: ~8
Time started: 22:00
Duration: >6 hours (!)
Place: τοLABάκι
  • A discussion was made to understand the reason why a member of LABaki wanted to release closed source with the logo of LABaki although LABaki was always promoting open-source only. After a long discussion the member (daknob) stated that he had a problem with open-source license on the iOS app store but apart of this he cannot release it or even share the code with the other members for personal reasons that he cannot reveal. The rest of the members respected his state. It was also clarified that the meeting does not want to alter the personality or decisions of any one that is why we didn't ask to undo this action.
  • Because of the above incident a long discussion started of what LABaki wants to create and how we can protect this idea. Also it was pointed out that we have no official representation and it is crucial that any member that speaks for LABaki, to at least agree in theory and practice with the culture of this space. A list of principals started to be created with basic axis the sharing of knowledge.
  • It was decided to build a Manifesto document that will have the ideal principals of the team. It was made clear that this is not a legal document and no legal document will exist or any mechanism to enforce the principals of it. The document was based on an the "initrd" document that existed in the wiki from the first days of LABaki creation. Every "rule" was extensively discussed and altered so that it reflected the current community of LABaki. A more detailed discussion was made for the "must" verb on the rule "3". Although the majority agreed for the use of this word, there was some objection that this was excessive. We spent a lot of time to redefine in way that everyone is OK, but unfortunately we couldn't find something better. It was proposed that everyone that is against current definition to think of it and come with a better proposal in the next meeting.
  • We also discussed the case of sensitive resources like personal data that administrators are handling and for this reason it was decided to clear out on the "manifesto" document that these tasks are taken only by people that approved from the meetings.
  • Finally we discussed the financial policy of LABaki and we decided that we don't want to make productive procedures in order to make money. It was also clarified that every expense must be approved by the meeting.