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Άτομα: ~5
Ώρα έναρξης: 20:00
Διάρκεια: 3 ώρες
Τόπος: Avant Garde

We had a special meeting in order to discuss the possibility of getting a second place at the city center.


There are some difficulties at having τοLabάκι (only) in the CSD building:

  • No access after 20.00 and during the weekends; someone has to be inside and open the door for the others when we have gatherings.
  • Its distant location; since it's far from Heraklion it is difficult to go there if you don't own a vehicle and confusing for new members to find it.


The above reasons are pretty much enough to consider forking (getting a second place). It would benefit a lot the people who already are members, those who know τοLabάκι but are not able to come at Voutes and most importantly make it easier for new members to find and join us. There's a downside that in order to cover the costs we would need more people to donate regularly and this could make someone think twice before joining (eliminating our free-to-join policy) . But anyone will still be able to join the gatherings at both locations (more about this below). The people who were present voted "yes" for forking at the city center and "yes" for having a place on our own (not together with CommonsLab -- see below), but these votes don't represent and affect all of τοLabάκι's members. It is important that we respect the thoughts of all current members for making the final decision. An e-mail will be sent at the mailing list and a poll can be created at the wiki about it. Also, if someone disagrees to pay the monthly donation it doesn't mean that the forking process has to stop, except if someone has a strong reason that we should ("veto").

The place[edit]

CommonsLab is also searching for a place at the center and made a proposal to τοLabάκι, to rent a relatively large space and share the rent.


  • Share the costs: sharing a large flat is probably cheaper than each group renting its own, smaller apartment.
  • Cooperation: which can also be achieved even if we have separate spaces.
  • Members of τοLabάκι proposed sharing our tools (but we decided that it wouldn't work very well -- anything could go wrong while using the tools and CL need them constantly available and ready to use).


  • If one of the groups failed, the other one would be in a difficult situation. They would have a large place that they don't need and can't afford.
  • If we shared the lab we would probably get a bit lazy and rely on each other's tools (e.g. τοLabάκι wouldn't have a strong enough motivation to fix its 3D-Printer if CommonsLab had another one which works available for us to use, and vice versa).


We thought that a reasonable (and more feasible) limit for the rent would be 250 euros. Apart from that we would need another 100 euros to cover other expenses. Some other expenses we thought that this amount could take care of include electric bill, water, heating (if we need it), broken tools replacement and the server.


First of all, we need a number of people to be comitted on making sure that the whole process runs smoothly. gkaklas and dzervas said they can make it. It is going to be difficult for only two people though, so it would be better if more people could participate and we were thinking that around 5 people would be ideal. There are also legal issues that we need to find out more information about. For example, in order to pay the rent and various bills we' re probably going to need a legal entity (like a non-profit). Details like these need better to be discussed with a lawyer or someone who's done something like this before.


Opening hours, meetings, hackdays etc. will be open for absolutely everyone. During these hours at least one regular member needs to be there in order to open the door. If someone would like to be able to come on his own at any time, he would need to get a membership, that is, make a monthly donation to help managing the expenses and get full access as a thank you.

New members[edit]

In order to know if someone is committed enough that he needs a key and can be trusted with the hackerspace, there would need to get through an informal process of signing up. There was an idea, in order to be able to get a membership, someone would start coming at the gatherings for some amount of time. Then, if a number of members decided that he can be trusted, the new member could get a membership. Anyone can be a member, as long as we can trust them. Of course the implementation of this is a detail for the time being and is going to be discussed again at another point.


Of course that montlhy donation should feel more like an ethical urge to support τοLabάκι rather than an obligation or buying the free (as in come-whenever-you-want) access. We discussed it and it seems like a suggested monthly donation that seems reasonable is 20 euros per month. In some occasions (students, unemployed etc.), special discounts could be discussed at the meeting. We could also have a donation box for people who would like to donate more than the membership fee, or people who can't afford a membership but would still like to support us.