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During a meeting, someone usually volunteers to write the Minutes of Meeting. This is where we write down the details about the topics discussed, what decisions were made etc.

Wikifying the MoM[edit]

Each MoM has its own page in the wiki. The naming scheme we follow for the pages is of the form "MoM 19 Sep 2011". In order to create a new page, you just have to search for its name, then visit the red link that shows up on the top of the search results.


First, categorize the article by putting [[Category:Meetings]] at the top of the page.

After that, by convention, we paste this template (adjust it accordingly, mind the preceding spaces!):

 '''Άτομα:''' ~5
 '''Ώρα έναρξης:''' 21:41
 '''Διάρκεια:''' 1 ώρα
 '''Τόπος:''' τοLABάκι

Writing the content[edit]

You can use article sections for each topic. Usually we create a heading for each topic: == Subject title ==

Then we just write each topic's notes below their respective heading. You may find helpful the "Help" button at the editor's top bar, which opens a drop-down reference for lists, text formatting etc.