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INCOMPLETE | This page is incomplete.

OpenEMR newpatient.jpg

This is a page for installing and configuring openEMR.

A team of us will be trying to deploy the openEMR to the Heraklion Community Clinic.

On this page we will keep documentation on the hardware, sofware and the documentation needed.

Features for implementation[edit]

Feature How to Status
Patient Blacklist Add field where the patient's demographics are shown. Free field or drop down. DONE
External doctor list Add names to 'συνεργάτες' list. DONE
Appointments for different clinics Create a user for each of the four clinics. DONE (see thoughts on this below)
Are available dates visible? Need to do the previous step and check. Untouched
Changes in translation Where are the translated texts? Many bugs like Sunday == Ήλιος?? Untouched


On the suggested implementation of the above features..

  • Feature 2: Adding to Συνεργατες has no address etc.
  • Feature 3: This means that every time that a secretary wants to arrange an appointment she/he has to log out and log in with a new user account. Problems: not practical, secretaries are anonymous.


To change fields: Διαχειρηση -> Διάταξη Εντύπων -> Δημογραφικά

Demo & Testing[edit]

You can view our openemr installation here Default Username: greeklug Default password: greeklug

Changes Log[edit]

Added 2 users (paidiatriko/paidiatriko, odontiatriko/odontiatriko), new patients with appointments. Checked as 'unused' fields Μεσαίο Ονομα, Long Name. Added Blacklist to Fields. 2 Names added to Διαχειρηση -> Ιατρείο -> Συνεργατες Χ12.