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A Tool library is a place where someone can lent tools. The idea is similar to a book library. An inventory of tools that is accessible to anyone at a very low or no cost. This has great social, economical and environmental impact in the local community. Most of us can not afford to have all the tools we might need or we may choose not to buy a power tool that costs 50 or 100€ in order to use it once a year or we may not have the place to store them. It is also greatly wasteful for each one to own one of each especially for tools that we may use rarely, why should we own a power drill if we are using it once a year if we can go to a library borrow it and do our job. It is saving us money, effort and saving the environment of waste. The most important of aspects though is giving more people access to tools that they could not otherwise have access to.

So with these in mind and since there are already many successful tool libraries around the world from where we can take expertise we would like to open up a discussion on how to build on here.


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