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Notes for Opening Hours. What interesting projects do we have to show people? ;)

ΤοLabάκι members are interested in many fields (software, hardware, electronics, networking), each member is free to start their own project. (Note: most people believe that we are only interested in computer electronics - "hardware", that's not true). Here are some points people are usually interested in:

  • We built our own 3D Printer
    • not working now but mechanical parts are working, PCB needs new firmware and calibration
  • Easy and simple arduino projects
    • CSD students can relate with the course of Digital Design
    • We have breadboards, LEDs, resistors etc if someone wants to get more familiar with computer electronics
    • Intriguing use cases:
      • home automation
      • ambient intelligence
      • arduino-controlled irrigation system
  • Doorlock: we open the door via SSH
    • Older versions used the VOIP server and authenticated via CallerID
    • We wrote/still writing ourselves the software we need for it to work
    • DoorLock v2 used an arduino
      • received "open" command from a pin connected to idea
      • we printed the gear/handle ourselves
      • A good example of a project that each module needed different kind of knowledge to develop it.
  • Public git repositories
  • System administration: we have our own servers to host the git repos, website, e-mail, mailing lists etc
  • Hackdays represent more efficiently τοLabάκι's awesomeness, they can come and see us in action ;)

What is τοLabάκι?

  • Principles
  • Use and promotion of Free Software: When a non-member visits τοLabάκι for the first time, the present members temporarily (and unofficially) represent it. Regardless of how much a member supports FOSS, the group as whole encourages its use and tries to use it as much as possible (unfortunately it is not possible to exclusively use Free Software in some cases though). Whatever we produce in τοLabάκι is openly available. In case you don't support this "FOSS as much as possible" notion (which is fine outside of τοLabάκι's context), make sure that when someone asks about τοLabάκι's perspective doesn't confuse your personal POV whith the group's beliefs as a whole.
  • We like to share the knowledge we gain while hacking; τοLabάκι encourages discussion and cooperation!
  • We don't have any official commitment with the university; we were kindly given the room (and, I'm not sure, I also think the chairs and tables were given to us as leftovers from Knossos), but the rest of the equipment come entirely from donations (either donated directly or bought with money from the donation box). We also don't accept any funding, and the only thing we have to do is respect the building :)