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As it was announced in the meeting of September 2013, LABaki will provide public services for non-members. This is categorized as internal project of LABaki that will be held by some people who want to implement and administrate these services. Whenever referring to public user it means a non-member user, a person who does not come to LABaki for other activities. Whenever referring to member user it means a user who is physically or virtually attending other LABaki activities, and usually needs access to others systems of it. There was another meeting on this topic on April 2015.

Why? Yet Another Services Provider[edit]

<to be filled with reasons, about security, decentralization, autonomous subcommunities, improve our technologies> All the services here are implicitly accessible to members also.

Deployment Plan[edit]

Stage 1[edit]

In the first stage there will be only support for e-mail services. The current members mail services will be cleaned up and provided in a robust way for public users too. The service will be invitation-only by members or other public users, and will have a cap limit.

Email Service Technical Details
  • Maximum public members: 128
  • Storage per user: 1Gigabyte
  • Maximum size of attachment: 20MB
  • Roundcube webinterface + quota viewer
  • Support for mass mailing public users
Email Service Planning
  • Split authentication realm from members and non-members. This will help to increase security of our systems, as labakian members have extra access to various others systems where public users shouldn't.
  • Exclude public members directory from roundcube. Public members shouldn't know all other users for privacy reasons. This involves splitting LDAP query policies and modifing roundcube for members and public users.
  • Create a versionable installation of the server. All the service should be made with installation scripts so that it is easy to replicate and maintain by multiple administrators. Changes should be versioned and reviewed by multiple people.
  • Create standard policy for backups. Backup backup backup
  • Improve anti-spam user experience. Right now, each spam is detected and marked with an header prefix. Although it is adequate to catch these mails with a filter, it is not the best UXP. We could grab these mails and sent them to Spam folder and add roundcube plugin for feedback.
  • Create a usage webpage. All the new users should receive a welcome email with needed information, and a link to a webpage to explain how they can user their service, how they can help and why we are doing this.

Stage 1+[edit]

In the next stage we will try to put more services for public users and evaluate quality of them. At this point we will try to bring more people in the project. It will be designed whenever stage 1 has finished.

Proposed Services[edit]

Here is a list of all proposed services that LABaki may implement and provide to public users.

  • Email Service
  • Cloud storage (owncloud seems quite nice)
  • DynDns (all the public are turning to subscription ones)
  • VPN
  • CryptoCat server
  • XMPP server
  • Debian repository


Orionis <to be filled with all servers that we have access, technical details needed here>