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To Labάκι hosts many online services for its members. If you have an LDAP account, you can use it to authenticate to those services. You may also find useful individual articles for each service, for the complete list you can see Category:Services.

As we have discussed in the Meetings, "members" don't hold a special meaning in τοLabάκι's context: anyone can join the group's activities and visit the space. But if someone starts coming regularly and start working on projects etc, an account will be created for them to open the door and access the services and resources ;)



Powered by Mediawiki, the wiki is our main website. You can login and create an article about a workshop, event, idea you have etc. Note we didn't want to restrict its access, so editing is also allowed by non-LDAP members, you just have to enter a captcha and the system remembers you by your IP address.


DoorLock v3

The doorlock is also connected to the accounts directory in order to allow you to authenticate to open the door!

Git hosting[edit]


We have set up a GitLab server so we can host all τοLabάκι's (and personal) projects. Setting up our own server has many advantages:

  • It allows us to create unlimited private repositories
  • We can create as many groups as we want to fine tune access to sensitive repositories (we' re not doing this yet but we could if we decide it at some point)
  • Self-hosted, open source software allows us to have more privacy and control over the server

Again, GitLab access is not limited to LDAP members, since we support authentication using a Github account



A regular mail server, with spam filtering and everything! For privacy reasons, it is very important to have control over your communication with others, and a custom mail server allows that. It' s stable enough, some people even use it as their main email, and many of us use it heavily when we want to exchange sensitive data (e.g. encrypted passwords, photos etc)

The mailing list, our main form of communication, is also hosted on our mail server, However, note that it doesn't need a special account and anyone can sign up (Contact)



Nextcloud is an open source self-hosted platform that provides online storage (e.g. Dropbox-like), contacts and calendar syncing (e.g. as Google provides) and many more. You can use it to sync your calendars and contacts with your phone, backup/sync your files between computers etc


VPN Service

VPN stands for "Virtual Private Network". It allows you to connect to τοLabάκι's internal network even if you are at home! Very useful for connecting remotely to the space's computers without having to port forward etc. As all of your device's traffic is sent through the tunnel, another use case for VPN is for securing your connection when you find yourself in an insecure network like a coffee shop or airport.


Mumble Service

Mumble is a VOIP server for groups, similar to TeamSpeak. Having a service like this:

  • allows us to be independent from proprietary software
  • gives us complete privacy
  • makes sure that every τοLabάκι member has an account if we need to use it as a group

Most of us have used it for gaming or even just private calls between us, and once we even had some people attend a meeting remotely using it (MoM 18 Apr 2015)



Iodine allows you to tunnel regular network traffic encapsulated in DNS requests. This is very useful in situations were general network (e.g. port 80) is blocked but only DNS requests are allowed. This service doesn't authenticate via LDAP and isn't trivial to set up on your computer, it is a service we have for our members though ;)