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A future cousin of Sofia called Wall-E
Initial robot base of Sofia

Sofia is the first try to build a SOFIsticated electro-mechanical machine. (aka robot)



Telepresence refers to the ability of someone to be vitrually on a remote environment. The most basic for of the tele-presence is telephone. Sofia will give the remote user, apart from voice and video stream, the ability to move and navigate on the remote place on will.


As any moving object, there is a maximum autonomy period or distance. Sofia should have the ability to recognize the possibility that it will run out of battery and navigate to the closet recharging place.

Door Man[edit]

The new LABaki space has no way for automatic door lock. Sofia could solve this problem by going and manually unlocking the door from inside.

Clean Up[edit]

The perfect robot must do all the ugly work for you. All the intelligence enclosed in this robotic body, gets real value when you see LABaki shiny and tidy.

Art Talents[edit]

Solving difficult problems is really exciting. Seeing a metal thing dancing and whistling is even more exciting.

Find Objects[edit]

Sometime you wish every object had a way to call it. Well if Sofia can find it for you then problem solved!

3d Hand[edit]

Every engineer wished to had one more hands. Sofia can be really "handy" on this.


Whiteboard after initial brainstorming