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This page is about Steven Lamb's and Manolis Kateveni's visit to τοlabάκι.

Biographical Information:[edit]

Steven Lamb is a successful serial entrepreneur, who brings a broad range of strategic positioning, management skills, and leadership experience. Steve has a wealth of success, but his current passion is in developing data storage companies that target medium to large corporations. Steve is currently launching his fifth start-up, having been a founder and/or CEO in each of the previous four, which collectively have sold for approximately $ 300 million.

Steve holds a Bachelor of Applied Science in Engineering (1990: Eng Sci– Electrical option) and a Master of Science (2004: Physics) both from the University of Toronto, Canada.


February the 6th, 17:00-19:00


Here are some of the topics discussed with Mr. Lamb and his ideas on each one. (please fill out anything I am forgetting)zakkak (talk) 00:48, 7 February 2014 (EET)

How can a non-profit organization/idea get funding?[edit]

  • Through donations. That includes asking graduates to donate.
  • Through charitable donations, in this case we need to become a legal entity and provide invoices to the donators, so they can get tax reductions (which is motivating)
  • Providing paid services as individuals and donating the money to ToLABάκι. In this case, each individual pays the corresponding taxes and donates only the profit. This scenario allows us to avoid becoming a legal entity.
  • Find sponsors

How to make open source software/hardware in a more sustainable way (sustainable for the people or the teams who spend their time on it) so in the future to be able to provide open source and make a living out of it ... but not in a for-profit mentallity but more of a for-benefit approach[edit]

  • Getting paid to provide support for the open source software/hardware. Sell your expertise.
  • Find sponsors

Is ToLABάκι's structure efficient? Should we change something to become better?[edit]

  • Reduce the running costs (specifically the server costs)
  • (Prof. Katevenis) Introduce ourselves to FORTH (Maybe, give a talk or organize workshops)


  • Alex
  • DaKnOb
  • Foivos
  • Vervelak
  • Astrinos
  • gkaklas
  • looselyrigorous
  • n0b0d1