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When Open Source philosophy transcends the physical limits of a hard drive and blends with imagination, cooperation and an itch for creating something new, το Labάκι helps make ideas materialize/comes into the picture. Το Labάκι is a place where people who want to share their ideas on technology (and more) can gather and make stuff that's open to everyone. In the midst of today's society of overconsumption, we learn how to DIY reusing what our surroundings consider as trash.

Operational model: The lab is equipped with tools brought by us members. This collection can be used by anyone for their own creations. We collaborate and co-decide in an open way and invite anyone who wants to help in this process.

The beginning: Το Labάκι first formed by a group of people who wanted to share their knowledge on Linux and generally open source software. As more people started getting involved, this area of interest broadened. Based on open source and share-alike philosophies and with a touch of the hacking culture, the lab took its final form.

Originally the group was made up of Computer Science students, whose basis and initial outreach target was the University. Our space is a room to which we were granted access by members of University staff who liked the idea of a hackerspace. Just as we enjoyed the idea of collaborating and co-existing with a research-involved community. The University stands beside us, offering support and an opportunity for cooperation and knowledge exchange rather than guidance or supervision.