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INCOMPLETE | This page is incomplete.

Namespaces and Naming Conventions[edit]

Using sub-pages[edit]

Although sub-pages appear sexy due to their "bread-crumbs", their use is discouraged for technical reasons. The main problem is that it ties organization to subpage-titles, the "IDs" of pages. For instance, if there is a need to change the organization (and this happens more often since it is a less versatile one-to-many schema instead of a many-to-many one, like categories are), the operation is harder, since page-moves invalidate existing wikilinks (unless you leave behind redirect-subpages) and fiddles with templates using magics.

Subpages is an afterthought that inter-operates badly with many plugins and other functionality, including categories and page-moves, and gives a hard-time to template-writers when using magic with namespaces. That is why, apart from specific uses (user-pages, archives and template-docs), Wikipedia has kept disabled their use within the main namespace. It is particularly discouraged their use for hierarchical grouping of pages related to some matter, eg. MoM - use Categories for that.


At the time of writing this, there are more than 150 articles (!) in the wiki. Navigation becomes somewhat difficult if you don't already know the name of the article you are looking for: the search function doesn't cover every use case, and looking for something in Special:AllPages isn't very fast or easy :P

You can see all used categories in Special:Categories. I tried to figure out what each category is used for. Here is a short description for each category:

 :Category Description Examples
3D-printing 3D-printer related: from designing objects, to bulding the printer, configuration and debugging RepRap Mendel i2
Accounting Financial info: Expenses, donation tracking Accounting, Accounting 2017
Electronics Notes on electronics' projects (?) 5A constant current source
Events Notes relevant to a specific event that was organized Steven Lamb's Visit, Εν οίκω 2013
Food&Drinks Snacks related: what do we usually buy, what do we have now, supermarket receipts Shopping, Menu, Media:Receipt 2017-03-02.jpg
HWMN HWMN related HWMN Hackathon Sept 2013
Incomplete Use when more info needs to be added in an article
Infrastructure Information on how we have set up various parts of out infrastructure Idea, Network
Inventory A list of stuff currently in the space Food&Drink Inventory, Ownership Map
Materials Content and reference used in workshops Dead C++ Society/Material/ABI
Meetings Meeting related Meetings, MoM 8 Sep 2011
Outdated The contents of an article are no longer valid
Projects Details on a specific project Multitouch, DoorLock v3
Services Setup instructions needed for end users, or just general information VPN, Iodine, Mumble
Sysadmin Useful notes and instructions for setting up a piece of software or service Jessie Apache Upgrade, Pulseaudio, Mailman
System Information relevant to the operation of τοLabάκι itself Location, Principles
Uncategorized For articles that don't need a category. Don't use this if you're not sure which category to use; in that case just don't insert a category.
WIP Project or setup not finished yet (work in progress)
Work Pages that help us keep track of ongoing work Moving to new CSD building, Issues
Workshop Workshop related pages First steps with PHP, Workshop Ideas

If you find a mistake, or in case you introduce a new category, please update the table above. Thanks!

Special Templates[edit]

The next table demonstrates some special templates and the cases where they should be used.

Template Description
Template:Incomplete For stuff that are incomplete and need more work/additions.
Template:Uncategorized For stuff that are uncategorized. That is, they don't belong to a category.
Template:Outdated For stuff that are outdated. That is, they contain information that is no longer valid.