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Soldering the USB cable on the XBOX remote dongle[edit]

First we need to open the XBOX remote dongle. Use a screw driver to achieve this. The dongle was glued and not just clipped, as a result It needed more force than I expected and I damaged the casing (scratches). Be careful not to hurt your fingers!

Xbox rc vanilla.jpg

In the above picture you can see how the dongle looks from the inside. The black square is the IR receiver, and just bellow it you can see 7 pins. We are interested in the 5 pins in the middle. The next picture shows the dongle after the soldering. The four cables you see (red, white, green, black) are coming from a cut USB cable. You need to solder the red cable on the 1st pin (from the 5 we are interested in) the white one on the 2nd, the green one on the 3rd and the black one on the 5th. Note that some USB cables might come with an extra yellow cable which you can safely ignore or solder on the 4th pin.

Note: For an annotated photo with the USB colored cables mapping to the XBOX remote dongle pins you can have a look here

Xbox rc soldered.jpg

After doing the soldering open a small whole on the casing in order to fit the USB cable. Close the casing and either glue it or tie-rap it (or whatever you like).

Xbox rc completed.jpg

Hook the USB on your Raspberry Pi running raspbmc and you are ready.

Wire your XBOX DVD-Remote for USB
Using GPIO IR receiver, Note: use TSOP34156 instead of TSOP34138